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 Wrist Tattoos

To have a tattoo means to have a wound. A needle needs to deeply penetrate the skin for the tattoo to be permanent. Obviously, pain is very much present during the process, although tolerable. It usually takes days for a tattoo to heal. Wrist tattoos though take longer time to heal because they are often rubbed onto surfaces especially when writing. A few ignorant people think that skin injury caused by tattooing will just heal on its own. What they do not know is that much proper care is needed during the healing process.

Wrist tattoos can cause types of infections. The opening on the skin can be an entry for harmful bacteria and viruses. This can cause worse damage that can be as permanent as the tattoo itself.

After doing wrist tattoos, or any other tattoo, tattoo artists often give instructions to their customer that must be followed in order to avoid any complications resulting from the tattoos. Most of these instructions have been devised by dermatologists and handed down to the artists. These instructions can help reduce the risk of infections that can give permanent injury or a longer healing period. Most of these instructions are not really difficult to follow.

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Aftercare for the tattoos always depends on the tattoo artists. Some artists suggest that tattoos should be wrapped for the first 24 hours. Wrist tattoos are very easy to bandage because one hand can completely access the wrist of the other. Others also suggest that that temporary bandages be removed after just a few hours, say two to three hours. It is also advisable for people with fresh tattoos to reduce bathing and washing to prevent the ink from being a washed out. This reminder is very important to people with wrist tattoos because the arms always have access to water. As an additional recommendation, do not remove as much as possible the scabs forming around wrist tattoos and keep them away from the sun. This way, you are not letting the wrist tattoos to fade.

There are also products available in the market that can help clean tattoos. They are just very easy to apply especially if you have wrist tattoos. You can use products that are made wounds. Petroleum jelly, lanolin, tattoo salves, and even cocoa butter can help you reduce the risk on infection. Just make sure that you are not allergic to these products before applying them to your wrist tattoos.

You do not have to fret around looking for instructions on how to take care of wrist tattoos. A lot of tattooists have printed instructions of proper care that they can readily give it to you. Also, healing instructions for wrist tattoos are abundantly available online.

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